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Sara Bukhari, DDS

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To give your child the best chance of averting gum disease, professional preventive teeth cleanings and pediatric dental care should begin early in childhood. At Kids Klub Pediatric Dentistry in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Sara Bukhari provides gentle, compassionate, and customized teeth cleanings for children. Dr. Bukhari is here to aid the development of healthy teeth and gums and help your child maintain the best possible oral health. Call or schedule your child’s teeth cleaning online.

Teeth Cleaning Q & A

How does professional dental teeth cleaning work?

A pediatric dental teeth cleaning usually includes polishing, scaling, debridement, and a physical examination of your child’s teeth. A thorough cleaning allows Dr. Bukhari to examine their oral health and any detect any indications of oral disease. Polishing is when Dr. Bukhari uses a slow-speed dental tool to smooth and cleans tooth surfaces. Scaling allows for a deeper clean that reaches below the gumline. Debridement is a term for a more extensive type of cleaning utilizing a scaler dental tool and an ultrasonic water tool that may contain antibacterial agents to erode away the plaque and tartar.

The Kids Klub Pediatric Dentistry office is a comfortable environment specially-designed for children to help your child have the best possible positive experience. Dr. Bukhari can take quality X-rays of the mouth to detect problems. She uses special instruments to check for tartar, tooth decay, plaque, cavities, and to measure pockets — these form when supporting tissue and bone is destroyed by the early stages of periodontal disease.

Dr. Bukhari uses a dental mirror and views your child’s teeth and the hard-to-reach areas. She utilizes an ultrasonic vibrating instrument to gently loosen and remove debris, tartar, plaque — a sticky bacterial film — and calculus (hardened plaque).

Why would my child need professional teeth cleaning?

Many young children are unable to brush their teeth adequately. Dr. Bukhari can remove any debris or plaque accumulation that can’t be reached or removed with a toothbrush and oral care at home.

Professional teeth cleanings are especially important for children as their teeth and gums grow and develop because gum disease and tooth decay can be prevented with regular checkups and professional teeth cleanings with Dr. Bukhari every six months. If your child has a medical condition that may affect their teeth and weaken their immune system, more frequent cleanings might be necessary. Dental teeth cleanings are a crucial part of overall health maintenance and preventive dental care.

What are the benefits of professional teeth cleaning?

A professional teeth cleaning provides many benefits and can make teeth whiter, removing extrinsic — and even some deeper — stains that you or your child can’t remove with at-home cleanings.

Benefits of professional teeth cleaning include:

  • Shinier, healthier, polished teeth
  • Getting rid of bad breath
  • Detection and diagnosis of any dental health problems
  • Deep cleaning of areas that are harder to reach
  • Protect your child from gum disease and other dental health complications

Dr. Bukhari has ample experience providing teeth cleanings and knows exactly what signs to look out for and what precise areas of the mouth to investigate. The sooner Dr. Bukhari detects gum disease, the sooner she can treat it and work to improve your child’s oral health.

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