Fluoride Treatments


Fluoride is naturally present in our teeth. It’s also present in some of the foods we eat such as meat and eggs, as well as in water and tea. Fluoride is necessary to strengthen the teeth and fight tooth decay; and when used according to your dentist’s recommendations, fluoride is completely safe.

The use of fluoride is included in many dental procedures and dentists also recommend using a fluoride toothpaste for everyday use. At home, it’s important to floss at least once a day and to brush your teeth using fluoridated toothbrush twice daily, including just before bedtime so that you can prevent tooth decay.

How Fluoride Treatment Works

Adults and kids alike are given high amounts of fluoride during certain treatments. But before fluoride is administered, the dentist will need to clean and polish the teeth first. The teeth will be dried before a fluoride gel is smeared onto the surface. Sometimes, fluoride treatment comes in the form of foam or varnish. Then a mouth guard tray is used to keep the fluoride in place. After your child’s fluoride treatment, they will be instructed not to consume any foods or drinks for 30 minutes.

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